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Medical Electronics Laboratory

Lab-in-Charge: Ms. Rini Rajan                               Lab instructor : Mr. Ajaya Krishnan

Medical Electronics Laboratory is a basic Engineering lab, where the students are provided with engineering skills by way of breadboard circuit design with electronic devices and components. The students are given training to familiarising and studying various Biomedical Instrumentation and their respective circuits such as instrumentation amplifier, thermocouple etc.

Dissection Laboratory

Lab-in-Charge: Ms. Darsana G                                     Lab instructor: Mr. Davis Mathew

Dissection Laboratory provides a comprehensive practical exposure to students on various equipment for surgery and critical care commonly used in hospitals. For hands own experiments in testing, calibration and familiarising medical equipments the lab is facilitated with used medical equipments.

Bio Signal Processing Laboratory

Lab-in-Charge: Ms. Harsha R                                 Lab instructor: Mr. Davis Mathew

Biosignal Processing is one of the important lab where various algorithms and techniques are developed and tested relevant to bio signals and images using MATLAB Software. Students utilize this lab for working on their projects, Seminars and also for Research activities. This Lab provides options to create, edit and debug bio virtual instruments using Lab VIEW Software by National Instruments. Laboratory is equipped with various biomedical tool kits which will enable the students to handle them practically for acquiring the patient data and to process them efficiently using the Advanced Bio-Virtual Instrumentation Software.

Microcontroller and Interfacing Laboratory

Lab-in-Charge: Dr. Nitha V Panicker                                Lab instructor: Mr. Sajeem A S

Microcontroller and interfacing Laboratory helps the students to understand the basic principles and operation of various Microcontrollers like 8051, PIC, ARDUINO etc. The lab is also equipped with interfacing modules like stepper motor, ADC, DAC etc. This lab gives insight for the students to take up minor-project and major-project in Embedded System.

Digital Electronics Laboratory

Lab-in-Charge: Ms. Neethu Sathyan                                Lab instructor: Mr. Manjith

Digital electronics laboratory makes the students to understand the fundamentals of Digital Electronics. The students will have hands -on experience of Logic gates, Combinational and Sequential circuits. The Major equipment includes digital IC trainers, cathode ray oscilloscope (CROs), Digital IC Trainer Kit etc.

Project Laboratory

Lab-in-Charge: Mr. Aswin Raj V                                        Lab instructor: Mr. Sajeem A S

Project lab has been provided for the students to carry out their design project, major project works and product development activities. Project Laboratory promoting practical learning experience, a place where they develop creative proposals, and execute their final projects. Project works are carried out using various equipment available in department laboratories as well as additional facilities available particularly for conducting project.

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