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Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was started in 2011 with a sanctioned strength of 60. The department has a team of experienced and well qualified teachers, whose service has utilized effectively to set up an excellent infrastructure and promote an academic environment beneficial to the students. The laboratories are well-equipped for conducting the practical classes and the project work of the students. The facility can be expanded or modified for research activities and consultancy work.


To excel in the Electrical and Electronics engineering graduate programme that fosters globally competent, ethically strong and socially committed engineers with research and entrepreneurial skills.


  • To provide quality education to students needed for professional career and higher studies.
  • To encourage and empower the students to exhibit technical competency as an individual or as part of a team to take care of the needs of the industry 
  • To inculcate moral and ethical values among students 
  • To develop sustainable solutions for the  technological challenges in society

Contact Information

Ms. Surya Surendran 
Assistant Professor
Head of the Department
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
TKM Institute of Technology
Ezhukone, Kollam

Faculty List

Name Designation Qualification Area of Specialization
Ms. Surya Surendran Assoc. Prof & HOD M.E Applied Electronics
Ms. Sindhu A Asst. Prof M.Tech Power Systems
Ms. Joby John Asst. Prof M.E Communication Systems
Ms. Thanvy N Asst. Prof M.Tech Industrial Instrumentation & Control
Ms. Rekhasree R L Asst. Prof M.Tech Industrial Instrumentation & Control
Mr. Sajid Ali A Asst. Prof M.Tech Manufacturing systems management

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