TKMIT Institute of Technology


An ideal hostel must be, in essence, a home away from home. A congenial living atmosphere contributes a lot to the academic performance of a superior quality.The hostel facilities offered are so designed as to provide a sense of belonging, security and care as well as a spirit of independence, within reasonable limits. Consequently, the students enjoy their campus life, and they have no reason to be nostalgic. There are separate hostels to accommodate men and women students. As for the administrative structure, the principal of the college will be the Chief Warden of the hostels. There will be a Hostel coordinator for all the hostels under the Trust. In addition, each hostel has a warden, Resident Deputy Warden and Resident Tutors, who are Professors or Lecturers of the college.

The hostels provide  nutritious food at very reasonable rates as the students themselves, following a dividing system, manage the mess. They have all kinds of recreational amenities like TV, telephone (incoming and outgoing), indoor and outdoor games. Another added attraction is round the clock power and water supply. There is Hostel Advisory Council, headed by the Principal and Heads of all the Departments, Hostel coordinator and wardens of the Hostels. The Council meets often to discuss the policy matters and disciplinary steps relating to the hostels. In addition to this, each hostel has Hostel Council consisting of the Warden, Deputy Warden, Resident Tutors and the Representatives of inmates to discuss day to day affairs relating to mess management.

NOTE: All hostel students should abide to hostel rules strictly.