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Grievance Redressal Committee

Grievance Redressal Committee is reconstituted to look after the grievances of the aggrieved students and their parents as follows.

Sl No Name Designation Email Id Mobile No. Committee Designation
1 Dr. Jose Prakash M Principal principal@tkmit.ac.in 9447450632 Chairperson
2 Dr. S Suresh Dean ssutkm@tkmit.ac.in 9446905620 Convener
3 Ms.Miji Philip HOD ,MA mijiphilip@tkmit.ac.in 9847413471 Convenor(Grievance Redressal Portal)
4 Ms. Reshmi R S HOD, FT reshmift@tkmit.ac.in 9495391393 Member
5 Ms. Asha A S AP, ECE ashas@tkmit.ac.in 9995306959 Member
6 Dr. Nitha V Panicker Assoc. Prof., BM nithapanicker@tkmit.ac.in 9447958735 Member
7 Ms. Neetha Alex AP, CS neethalex@tkmit.ac.in 9447702145 Member
8 Student Representative (Male)       Member
9 Student Representative (Female)       Member

AICTE Online Application for Grievance

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