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Food Technology

The B.Tech Food Technology offered in our institution provides appropriate importance to all the areas in food science and technology such as Food processing, Preservation, Food Packaging, Food safety, Quality control management, Equipment design, Process Engineering, Innovative and instant food products. It also offers Baking and confectionery technology, Fruit and vegetable processing technology, Dairy processing, Functional foods and Nutraceuticals, Plantation technology, Applied thermodynamics for food technology and Industry training etc. We offer a comprehensive undergraduate program that prepares and makes the students fit for various positions in the food industry, food research, academia, and government. In India the food processing industry is gaining momentum as the segment of consumer foods is witnessing a remarkable growth.


The intake capacity is 60 students per year.

Syllabus 2019 Scheme (KTU)

Syllabus 2015 Scheme (KTU)



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