TKMIT Institute of Technology

Idea lab

TKMIT-IDEA (Idea Development, Evaluation & Application) Lab is established in the year 2022 for encouraging students and faculty for application of science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) fundamentals towards enhanced hands-on experience, learning by doing and even product visualization. As a common facility embedded in the institution, the IDEA Lab will make engineering graduates more imaginative and creative, besides getting basic training in the 21st century skills like- critical thinking, problem solving, design thinking, collaboration, communication, lifelong learning etc. IDEA Lab can empower the students and faculty to “engage, explore, experience, express and excel”, addressing the need of new age learning. IDEA Lab would serve as an infrastructure for faculty to take up and promote multidisciplinary education and research. Accordingly, faculty would be encouraged to get trained in this Lab and strive for creating problems/ projects/ internships in their own subjects/ disciplines and mentor the students.


  • To provide a self-sustainable platform and train next generation of young minds, to execute their Innovative Ideas, complimented with holistic knowledge across disciplines.
  • Host Ideation workshops, and encourage students and faculty to learn new technologies, through industry collaboration.
  • Build commercially viable products, catering socio economic needs, thus nurturing innovativeness and encouraging entrepreneurship in student community, close by.


  • Provide all facilities under one roof, for conversion of an idea into a prototype.
  • Training in the 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration etc…
  • Making engineering students more curious, imaginative and creative, thus engineering education more engaging.
  • IDEA lab will be centered around activities and events to promote multidisciplinary education and research.
  • Encourage to take up creative work, which the conventional labs are not focusing on.


Sl No Name Designation Committee Designation Email ID
1 Ms.Revathy N AP,Dept of CSE Co-ordinator
2 Dr. Nitha V Panicker Assoc Prof,Dept of BM Dept Co-ordinator
3 Ms.Roshni Roy AP,Dept of CE Dept Co-ordinator
4 Mr.Sajid Ali A AP,Dept of EEE Dept Co-ordinator
5 Ms.Suby Varghese AP,Dept of ECE Dept Co-ordinator
6  Mr.Bibin Oommen AP,Dept of FT Dept Co-ordinator
7 Ms.Nadeera M AP,Dept of ME Dept Co-ordinator
8 Mr. Manjith S Lab Instructor,Dept Of ECE Lab Instructor
9 Mr. Sajeem S Lab Instructor,Dept Of ECE Lab Instructor
10 Mr. Davis Mathew Lab Instructor,Dept Of BM Lab Instructor
11 Mr.Vishnu S Lab Instructor,Dept Of ECE Lab Instructor



  • PCB Milling Machine 
  • 3D Printer
  • Solder station
  • Digital storage oscilloscope
  • Arduino professional kit
  • 11th generation workstation
  • Supporting software like AUTOCAD, ANSYS