TKMIT Institute of Technology

Language Lab


Training in the English language and communication skills receive priority in the TKMIT educational experience. Students are given practical and theoretical training in the language and communication theory in the first two semesters of the undergraduate programme, which is in addition to the university-prescribed course in professional communication skills. The Language Laboratory of TKMIT is developed on the methodology of LSRW skills. It caters to the latest trends in teaching language through technology. The ETNL software in the language lab hones the students’ four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) perfectly. The ETNL Digital Language Lab Software consists of study materials on Phonetics, Vocabulary, Business English, Soft Skills and Personality Development. The students can Listen, Speak, Read, Write, Repeat, Record and Role Play. The use of the Interactive English software along with headsets with mics is beneficial for students learning languages for communication. These interactive tools enhance language teaching, focusing on continuous evaluation, classroom grading, and placement skills training by experienced faculty members from the department. Good command and communication in English are essential in the modern world to wield respect in all business transactions; hence our students can make the best use of these facilities to attain their future goals.