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VLSI & Embedded Systems

The upgradation of technology and innovation with the ever-increasing demand for miniaturisation, compactness, performance, reliability, and functionality makes VLSI and Embedded technology one of the growing sectors in the tech industry. The digital world is made up of a variety of electronic equipment, automation devices, gadgets and so on all of which are controlled by a chip or integrated circuits and large number of the embedded system applications are increasing rapidly day-by-day. As a result  the number of job opportunities is also expected to grow in the VLSI and Embedded design area, making it a lucrative career option for many. To get job opportunities in growing industries, one has to be very skilled with a good understanding of fundamentals as well as practical approach.

TKM Institute of Technology offers a PG programme in VLSI and Embedded Systems to mould the graduates professionally competent in this field. Advanced laboratory facilities enable students to practicing recent research trends in the emerging areas. The training programmes are organised to provide scope for applied research and innovation in the various fields of VLSI and Embedded systems.

The intake capacity is 12 students per year.

PG VLSI Syllabus 2015 (KTU)


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