TKMIT Institute of Technology

Students Council

College union is known as ‘The TKM Institute of Technology Students’ Senate’. The students through voting elect students’ Chairman and Vice – Chairman. Discipline should be maintained strictly.


  •    To train the students of the Institute in the duties, responsibilities and rights of citizenship.
  •    To promote activities for the development of character, knowledge, leadership and spirit of service among students.
  •    To organize debates, seminars workshops and other similar functions.
  •   To encourage sports, arts and other cultural educational or recreational activities conductive to the well  being of the Institute.

College Student Senate, 2019 committee have been elected successfully and harmoniously.       

The executive members are:

Sl No Name Designation Position
1 Mr. Baginesh M.B S7, EEE Chairperson
2 Ms. Shehna Shaji S5, CE Vice Chairperson
3 Mr. Anwar Suhail A. S5, CE General Secretary
4 Mr. Adhil B. S3, CS Magazine Editor
5 Ms. Harsha A. S7, CE Arts Club Secretary
6 Mr. Athul Shaji S5, CS Councilors
7 Mr. Saran A. D. S7, CS Councilors
8 Ms. Megha Krishna V. S5, CS Lady Representative 1
9 Ms. Amitha M.Koshy S7, CE Lady Representative 2
10 Mr. Nahas Abdul Nizar S5, BM UG Representative(BM)
11 Mr. Adithya T. S. S5, FT UG Representative (FT)
12 Mr. Goutham S. S5, ME UG Representative (ME)
13     Lady Representative(SC/ST)
14 S. Adhwaidh S5, CS Sports Secretary