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The Department has a well-established library which occupies a unique place in academic and research activities of the Department. The Library has a rich and vast collection of text books and reference books in Computer Science and IT fields. The records of industrial training reports, university question papers, reports of seminars and projects are kept in the library and made accessible to students. The students can borrow books and have access to Springer, Science Direct, IEEE digital libraries, e-books of Pearson and McGraw Hill and more than thousands of computer science online journals from the department library. The library serves to provide a calm and cozy ambience conductive to long hours of study. The library opens on all working days of the Institute from 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM.


Number of Volumes – 7105
Number of Titles – 2626


  • Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology
  • Advances in Computational Intelligence Research
  • Indian Journal of Computer & Internet Security
  • Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Software Testing
  • International Journal of Software Engineering
  • Journal of Network Security Computer Networks
  • Journal of Computer Based Parallel Programming
  • Journal of Web Development and Web Designing
  • Journal of Android and IOS Application and Testing
  • Journal of Image Processing & Artificial Intelligence
  • Journal of Data Mining & Management


  • IEEE
  • J-GATE

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