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Lecture Series

TETE – 07

A training programme on Teaching Effectiveness in Technical Education(TETE-07) was conducted in TKMIT during 27th to 29th June,2007. the objective of this programme was to train young faculty of our Institute as well as neighbouring Techinical Institutions of Kerala State.

Thirty new teachers from various institutions attended the programme.

Topics like effective teaching in classroom as well as laboratories, Teacher student Interaction, Teaching plan preparation, Time management and Neuro-Linguistic Programming were discussed in the training sessions. Classes were handled by Dr.K.P.Parameswaran Pillai, (Rtd. Principal, CET and former Executive Secretary, ISTE), Dr.K.Soman(Former Prof. and Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Calicut), Prof.P.Nizzar(Dean,TKM Institute of Management),Dr.M.M.Sulphi (Professor, TKMIM) and Dr.D.Roshankumar(Asst.Professor, TKMCE).

A new concept, ‘Case Method of Learning’, introduced to the participants by Prof.T.K.Abdul Karim Musaliar (Executive Director, TKMIM) was will appreciated.

Dr.M.I.Thampan, Principal, and Prof.B.Vijayakumar were the coordinators of the training programme .

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