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Grievance Redressal and Empowerment Committee for SC/ST students


The broad activities of the committee are

  • To enhance the employability of SC/ST students
  •  To redress the grievances / complaints of SC/ST students
  •  To provide the counseling services to SC/ST students
Sl No Name Designation Email Id Mobile No. Committee Designation
1 Dr. Sabu K HOD, ME sabuk@tkmit.ac.in 9446551272 Convener
2 Mrs. Sajina K AP, SH sajinak@tkmit.ac.in 9387721801 Member
3 Mr. Rupesh Ravi M R AP, CSE rupeshravi@tkmit.ac.in 9567220900 Member
4 Mrs. Sindhu A AP, EEE sindhua@tkmit.ac.in 9895608127 Member
5 Mrs. Resmimol Technical staff, CE office@tkmit.ac.in 9645718678 Member
6 Mr. Abdul Hashim. S Office tkmitsch@gmail.com 9995073100 Member
7 Anush .A S5CS student anushani007@gmail.com 8138066312 Member


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