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Women Grievance Cell

TKM Institute of Technology has a Grievance Cell to redress the grievance of its stakeholders. This grievance redressal cell attempts to address genuine problems and complaints of students regardless of the nature of the problem. Students are also encouraged to express constructive suggestions and grievances by approaching any member of the cell as is comfortable to them. Students are requested to note that making a complaint is serious and therefore they are to use this facility in a responsible manner. At the same time the college assures students that once a complaint is made, it will be treated promptly and judiciously with sensitivity and confidentiality.

Women Grievance

Name Designation / Department Email Mobile
Ms. Miji Philip MA (Convener) mijiphilip@tkmit.ac.in 9847413471
Ms. Deepthi Sudakaran Asst. prof / SH deepthis@tkmit.ac.in 9961906082
Ms. Shijarat T R Asst. prof / FT shijarathtr@tkmit.ac.in 9995033708
Ms. Aeshyln Jose Asst. prof / CE aeshlynjose@tkmit.ac.in 8281403961
Ms. Asha George Asst. prof/ CS ashatec@tkmit.ac.in 9995996783
Ms.Darsana G Asst. prof / EB darsanag@tkmit.ac.in 8281468441

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