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 The laboratories are well equipped for the conduct of the existing course. The facilities available in the department are sufficient to meet the requirements of research and project work of the students.

Electrical Machines lab

  • DC series motor, DC shunt motor
  • DC Compound generator Main-I/M set
  • Single Phase Transformer
  • Single Phase Induction Motor
  • Three Phase Synchronous Induction motor
  • Three Phase Slip-Ring Induction motor
  • Three Phase pole changing Induction motor
  • Salient pole Alternator Main– DC motor set
  • Cylindrical alternator main – DC Motor set

Power System, Systems and Control Lab

  • Synchro transmitters and receivers
  • AC servomotor and DC servomotor
  • Electromechanical Relay –over current and over voltage relay
  • DC position control system
  • Stepper motor and controllers
  • Strain Gauge, LVDT

Electrical Measurements Lab

  • DC volt ratio box
  • Kelvin’s double bridge
  • Earth tester
  • Insulation tester
  • Vernier dial potentiometer
  • Slide wire potentiometer
  • Wheatstone bridge

Electronic Circuits Lab & Digital Lab

  • Digital IC Trainer kit
  • CRO
  • Function Generator
  • Dual Power Supply

Electrical Workshop

  • Basic Wiring accessories (SPST, SPDT, Holder, Ceiling rose, Main Switch)
  • Miniature Circuit Breaker
  • Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
  • Energy Meter

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