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Idea lab



Sl No Name Designation Committee Designation Email ID
1 Ms.Revathy N AP,Dept of CSE Co-ordinator revathyn@tkmit.ac.in
2 Dr. Nitha V Panicker Assoc Prof,Dept of BM Dept Co-ordinator nithapanicker@tkmit.ac.in
3 Ms.Roshni Roy AP,Dept of CE Dept Co-ordinator roshnyroy@tkmit.ac.in
4 Mr.Sajid Ali A AP,Dept of EEE Dept Co-ordinator sajidalia@tkmit.ac.in
5 Ms.Suby Varghese AP,Dept of ECE Dept Co-ordinator subivarghese@tkmit.ac.in
6  Mr.Bibin Oommen AP,Dept of FT Dept Co-ordinator bibinoommen@tkmit.ac.in
7 Ms.Nadeera M AP,Dept of ME Dept Co-ordinator nadeera@tkmit.ac.in
8 Mr. MANJITH S Lab Instructor,Dept Of ECE    
9 Mr. SAJEEM S Lab Instructor,Dept Of ECE    


An idea is from which a new product is formed. Every idea needs a platform, to work with, to
design and to develop.
Do you have an idea in mind? Is it a product? Or is it a new technology?
Well! Doesn’t matter what it is. You definitely need to get it into reality. So how can you do
Here’s how. An Idea Lab is being setup right within our college. This very lab will help you get
your ideas turn into reality.
Idea Lab is equipped with tools and machines such as PCB Milling Machine, 3D printer,
electronic testing and measurement instruments and many more.
If you have an idea, small or big, you are most welcomed to come and get your ideas into
the real world.

What’s the delay then? Come visit us!

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